Welcome to Studio 3440
Studio 3440 LLC is a minority, woman-owned creative agency serving the visual, performing and literary arts community. Based in Washington, DC, Studio 3440 was born out of conversations with many artists in my circle. They are highly creative and productive in their artistic practice, yet they don’t have the skills nor time to do the marketing and/or communications tasks necessary to get their work out into the world. 
As a working artist, photographer, and writer, I understand the creative process. As an award-winning communications professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing, administration, and technology, I also understand what it takes to define your creative brand and market yourself and your art to your audience. My mission is to help other artists get the word out about their art so they can be creatively and financially successful.
Currently, I provide the following services:
Video Production
From recording on Zoom to on location, the studio can take your video project from conception to completion.
Event Marketing
The Studio specializes in production of events in the visual, performing and literary arts. We work with individual artists and arts organizations to create print and digital marketing collateral and social media strategies
Graphic Design
Everything we do starts with a solid design plan that ties everything together. From logos and posters to video motion graphics, Studio 3440 is a one stop shop to create a consistent theme that makes your brand, event or artwork stand out and move your audience to action.
I am able to work within a range of budgets and offer payment plans to artists and arts organizations to help make my services accessible and affordable.
So, what can Studio 3440 do for you? Please send an email to studio3440dc@gmail.com and let’s get your project started.
Have a creative day!

Sasha Sinclair
Creative Director

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